Let me help you discover
"The Art of Caring For You"

I believe in the power of the individual to learn, teach, inspire, and heal while accessing unique services that have been proven to benefit a person’s wellness and resiliency.

What I do

Coaching & Consultant: 

I join public and private agencies or organizations in their process of incorporating or building a Trauma Informed workplace.   


My practice is geared towards diversity and inclusion and culturally appropriate treatment for Black and Latinx women on their journey to discovering their healthiest self through empowerment, enrichment and education.

Consultant & Coach.

In 2015 Sharea Farmer, brought together her passion for wellness, program development experience, clinical and organizational expertise, along with her empathetic and compassionate driven speaking ability to create RS Counseling & Wellness Center aka RS Wellness! 

Sharea has 15 years of clinical and administrative experience serving in both the private and public sector; and has been an advocate for employee wellness, Diversity and Inclusion, Race Equity and Trauma Informed Practices, within all of her roles. Her style incorporates one of empowerment, enrichment and education. This unique style creates transformative experiences whether she is working with your executive leadership team, your supervisors and managers, staff, or entire organization

Trainer & Speaker.

I currently work on social work professional development courses and self improvement course on women wellness. 

  • You Can’t Always See Where It Hurts: Developing a Trauma Informed Program (adapted for education, public & private sector)
  • Holistic Supervision: Supporting the Whole Person!
  • Vicarious Trauma: Self Care More Than a Cliche’ for the Helping Profession
  • Navigating Microaggressions in the Workplace 
  • Black Girl Blues: Depression in the Black Female Student
  • Clinical Use of Family Systems Therapy,  High Risk Teenage Behaviors, Causes and Treatment & Clinical work with Domestic Violence
  • The Baggage of Negative Self-Image: Building Positive Self-Esteem

Creator & Writer.

My empowerment approach focuses on helping people identify and bring out their distinctive strengths while overcoming barriers to happiness and success. My journals and books help those interested in working to create a quality life filled with purpose and self-love. Encouraging people to embrace the concept that our wellness and happiness lies within our control.
Along with her professional services, Sharea continues to blog monthly and has authored two books; A Single Women’s Divorce and No One Ever Taught Me How: A Pocketbook Guide to Happiness.







Wellness advice?

To learn  how to join the journey, you can follow me at: 




Practice Website: www.rswellness.org


My Courses


You don’t have to be a personal development guru to start living the life you dreamed of, you just need to be willing to invest in you!!!

Right now, in this moment, you can decide to change the path of your life and start living your dream.

The course starts now and ends based on given course time frame! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.


Sharea is an extraordinary professional. She has a phenomenal way of encouraging self reflection. Her commitment to empowering women is evidenced by the programs she sponsors. I look forward to a future event!


My story

The owner of RS Counseling & Wellness Center, I am Sharea Farmer. Many of you know me as a therapist, but hopefully after you get to know me and my business you will realize that there is much more to my work. After years of working to improve or design other people’s agencies or private practices; I decided to step out on faith. Using my experience in non-profit and human service development to create services geared to helping women and families establish wellness and life fulfillment.

Why is this work important to me?

When I was around 18, I knew I was “missing” something. I had no idea how to figure it out and what was even sadder at the time I was too prideful to ask for help. I would go through college like most young adults; faking my maturity. I would mimic lessons I saw others naturally doing just to make sure I fit the mode of “normal.” Whatever, “normal” was at the time? Once I left college, it was time to put these lessons into action, right. Well it was harder than I thought. I just couldn’t figure out this new “normal.”

Let me join your Journey!