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We offer personal and professional development programs from an empowerment and social work foundation. Our programs offer important self-development for individuals and professionals, as well as hands-on tools for their service populations.

Coming out of the Rain: Healing as your umbrella to Trauma

From a toxic relationship, abusive parent, harm against your body and/or mind, many have stories that include these harmful and impactful events. Few, however, can let that hurt go so they can move on with their lives without the past interfering.

One area that can make it hard to release the pain is the misinterpretation of what forgiveness is. People often think forgiveness releases the other person of anything that happened. You’ll discover this is incorrect.

This course will help you develop strategies and activities to recognize one’s personal authority, self-consideration, changing their thoughts, and discovering how to manage emotions and feelings.

Art of Caring for You!

Self-Care Starter Course

The Black Woman’s Weekly Journal to Mastering the Art of Caring for You!
This Course is intended to help you get started and learn techniques that help you to both create and maintain a healthy self-care routine. Sharea will give you 5 weeks worth of tools that go along with The Black Woman’s Weekly Journal to Mastering the Art of Caring for You!
**Note that this course is intended to go along with Sharea’s The Black Woman’s Weekly Journal to Mastering the Art of Caring for You!; if you purchase the journal before June 1, 2019 this course is yours for free! If not no worries this course is still an awesome starter to your success in caring for you!

Do you love what you feel? Trauma impact on relationships”

Do You Love What You Feel: Understanding the Impact of Trauma on Adult Relationships
This webinar will benefit anyone who wants to learn about how trauma influences our adult attachment styles and relationships. We will provide an overview of trauma and give different examples of traumatic experiences. We will be discussing the four attachment styles; secure, anxious-preoccupied, avoidant-dismissive, and fearful-avoidant. After providing an understanding of attachment, the training will describe how childhood trauma correlates and causes insecure attachment styles in many people. Lastly the webinar will discuss skills that viewers can use if they or someone they love struggles with relationships.


Women Wellness Bundle

Practical wellness advice for today’s woman of color. A declaration of Independence, Self-Improvement and Self-Love for Black & Brown women!
Courses Included:
Women Wellness: Depression & Anxiety, The Baggage of Negative Self Image, Mind Your Purse: Financial Tips For Today’s Black Woman, Mindfulness for Beginners and Vision Board.

Mindfulness for Beginners

What will you learn? Foundation of Mind-Body Skills
What is Mindfulness
Mindfulness in Mental Health
Impact of Self-Esteem
Skills Training overview
Mindfulness: theory and practice
Conduct a mindfulness exercise.

Women Wellness: Depression & Anxiety Overview

This course is focused on a easy to understand overview of depression and anxiety. This course was developed to help women who believe they may be experience symptom of depression and/or anxiety.

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